One thing I have always tried to look for while searching through different eliquids are the more masculine based flavors. Most liquids I’ve run into tend to have more of a fruity aroma and taste. That is all fine and good for most people, but I have to say that I like mine with a bit of robust flavor. After all, I enjoy my coffee black, my whiskey neat and my shaves with a straight edge. It is all about simple, yet finer elements that make me happy. I don’t have a sweet tooth, and while the gentle hint of something sweet isn’t bad, I like my flavors of liquid to be a bit more robust as well. That is why I completely love Five Pawns. The liquids available through this company are second to none when it comes to desirable, masculine flavors. Now, this isn’t to say it is only available for men who use a vaporizer. No, it is simply for both men and women of age who enjoy the darker, more complex flavors of an individual item.


Absolute Pin

I’ve always found that a good liquid is a product that can read as if it is describing a heavy, dark beer or a whiskey. I don’t discriminate against the kinds of whiskey I like, from Scotch to bourbon, but ultimately, it is robust. The same is true with my liquids. As long as these flavors are hearty and robust, I am going to enjoy them. Absolute Pin reads like a whiskey label, which is probably what attracted me to it in the first place. That is also why it remains one of my go to options as well. It has a nice opening of cinnamon with a hint of Irish cream and caramel. There is even an underlying flavor of absinthe. For those who have not had absinthe, this is a heavy, black liquorish flavoring. The caramel helps bring up the flavor but it is not sweet in any way. This complex flavoring is truly a favorite of mine and there are reasons why I continue to use it almost on a daily basis.


Queenside reminds me of one of those lighter, citrus based colognes popular during the spring and summer months. It has an intense flavor of blood orange (which is also where the color comes from), while blending nicely with a French vanilla. It is probably the sweeter of the group from Five Pawns, but the vanilla is authentic, so it does not have the artificial flavor of many of the other vanillas out there. Now, by it not having the artificial vanilla flavor in it, it also is not overly sweet. Vanilla has a heavier, creamier flavor to it and it mixes well with the blood orange, which is again heavier than a regular orange. This mixed together provides a robust citrus cream flavor. This is something I tend to use after a meal, where I want to avoid the deserts being served but I can still remain during the desert eating to discuss with friends. For anyone who wants the lighter notes of citrus but not something that is over the top, I always point them to this one. While it is light on sophistication, it is excellent on satisfying.